Easiest way to archive earthquake detection

Hi: I started to archive earthquake detection’s from the very start with my Shake&Boom in December 2020, but I really wish there was a more automated way to do so. Right now, I have two methods - one is to just make a screen shot from the App, which records general information and the trace presented there. Another is for me to take that information and open up Swarm, find the event, select the trace, and export it as a seed file for later use, which I store on the computer.

Both are rather clunky, and the second method is rather time consuming, so I tend to have lots of images of events, but no data I can play with.

I have seen various posts from others using the obspy library and other things to pull this data. Is there a turnkey way to do that with a script, that would fill the gap I see and be much more time-efficient? I have done some programming but am not a programmer, and I have a pretty demanding job that doesn’t give me the free time to do much development on my own.

Looking forward to seeing if there is a method and tool I’ve totally overlooked since joining the Shake world.



Hello Bob,

It is indeed an interesting but requiring-a-lot-of-time job. Especially if one wants to save miniSEED files alongside images to further the data analysis when one has time to do so.

I think that our RSUDP package, which you can find here: rsudp 1.0.2 — rsudp documentation can be of use. It has many modules, from an automated screen capture of an event, to saving mSEED traces, and much more!

You will need to study it a bit, but I think it can satisfy your requirements.

Otherwise yes, Obspy is a great tool. You could prepare some python code, starting from templates that are already available, to save both images and raw data of events, and possibly add them to an already existing database.

Best of luck! And if the community wants to add more, as usual, feel free!