Earthquakes near NZ 5 March 2021

Certainly been a big day here in New Zealand. This is from the last 24 hour plot (filtered for regional) for my 4D. First we had the M7.1 about 550 km northeast of me that woke me up (along with more than 50,000 others) at 2:30 am. Then there was a 7.4 near the Kermadec Islands, followed by the 8.1 near the Kermadecs. All three should be obvious on this plot!

It was really interesting to check out these quakes as viewed by my Raspberry Shake, not to mention the numerous aftershocks that are still going on. Fortunately there has been no damage or injuries in NZ, and tsunami waves were also small.

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It’s odd, my shake saw only initial 7.3, but not the following quakes.

Quite a day for you Kiwi’s! Glad everyone is safe.