Earthquakes in Hawaii


I’ve been enjoying my raspberry shake (R299A) and have detected a few quakes. The issue I am having is that the My Shake portion of the app does not show any earthquakes where I live (Hawaii). Given we have a volcano and a fair few earthquakes, I was wondering if they could be added to the map? Currently I’m going to the USGS, which is fine, but I would prefer it in the app.

Thank you for all of your awesome work!

Hello Manoamuppet, welcome to the community!

Thank you for reporting this issue with us. I checked on my Android app too and I have the same display of zero events for the region of Hawaii.

I have forwarded this to our software developer team, and I will get back to you as soon as I have news from them.

Hello again Mike,

A quick update from the team. This is a known issue and we will be releasing an update to the earthquake service soon that will include all international earthquakes, so the app will include also the Hawaiian events.

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