Earthquake swarm?

Hi there,

Over the past 12 Hours, a seismic station about 58km north of me has recorded what seems to be dozens of seismic events (images above). I have attached the wave view and spectrogram for them. The stronger one of these have also been picked up by my RS4D like this:

I am quite sure they are earthquakes and just want to see what others think, do they seem to be earthquakes?

Thank you.

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Hello VS1,

Many of them definitely resemble earthquake waveforms and the spectrogram shape associated with local to very local events.

So, yes, most of the traces that you have posted are local earthquakes that that station has recorded. Has this sequence continued in these days, or has it stopped?

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It has continued, but at a much lower rate. Was a bit worrying to see them happening so frequently, within minutes at times.