Earthquake Monitoring from Home in Iceland

Hi Shakers,

Last Saturday a radio show was broadcast on the Icelandic national radio RUV about Raspberry Shake featuring our very own Branden Christensen.

The show is spoken in Icelandic except for Branden’s interview which starts around 10.57min and continues in various sections after that. If you understand Icelandic I’m sure the whole show is interesting, but if you’re like me and don’t you can find a translation of the synopsis below and you may like to hear Branden’s interview sections by skipping through the audio.

The link to the show is here.


Citizen science seismology

Several Icelanders and people all over the world conduct earthquake monitoring in their homes as a part of a worldwide citizen science project. How are such studies done and what purpose do they serve? The episode features an interview with Steingrím Jónsson, a seismic survey enthusiast, and Branden Christensen, manager of Raspberry Shake in Panama.

The show is a part of a radio show series on the National Icelandic Radio RUV, Channel 1, called “People and science”, where students at the University of Iceland produce radio shows on various subjects.

  • Radio show host: Guðrún Lára Pálmadóttir, geology student.

  • Reader: Trausti Gunnarsson.

  • Supervisor: Dr. Ásdís Emilsdóttir Petersen.

  • Music: Bullet-Instrumental by Guðrún Lára Pálmadóttir, Volcano man by Christian Mats Persson / Gustaf Thomas Holter

Happy Shaking!