Earthquake in Greece, captured in Hungary

Hi All,

Is it possible, that the earthquake today at CET 10:16 in Greece with 6.2 was captured by my RS1D sensor after about 2 minutes? The distance is about 870km.!
Look at the attached picture, seems to me a typical quake wave, or not?
My station is: AM.RF5AB.00.EHZ

20210303 11_16 Greece 6.3|690x237

Hello Mcll,

from the look of the helicorder that you posted, and the associated arrival time of the P-wave, that trace should definitely be the one caused by the M6+ earthquake in Greece.

You can get a good estimate of the arrival times of the P and S waves by entering the coordinates of the EQ and your location, along with the EQ depth into this website: IRIS travel time

And here the two latest quakes, also captured:

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