Earthquake Details on Data View

At one stage, I noticed that quakes on my DataView page were labelled with the details of the appropriate quake…that does not seem to happen any-more…what have I accidentally turned off that is causing the details not to appear?

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My recollection is that the magnitude of the quake must be above 3, and that at your station you can detect the quake without setting a filter.


Hello Dunbrokin,

First, to check if you have inadvertently turned off the Events Annotations on DataView, you can go to Settings (the gear icon high on the right) and then check the status of the Annotate with events slider, turning it back ON if necessary.

If the slider is ON, then, as jheiler said, currently, the algorithm that automatically labels the various events on DataView only displays events that can be identified without filtering, as this element introduces more complexity to the code in reference to the distance between the station and the earthquake epicenter.

In the future, we hope to expand this functionality to be more adaptive and performant, to identify more earthquakes (especially local ones, which are of greater interest to many Shakers) and display proper labels on your data stream.

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