Duplicate station ID from Mac Address

Hi folks

One of my raspberry shakes got damaged by a surge on the internet line. At the time I needed the station running so I just swapped the device with a spare unit and took the damaged one home for repairs. I found out that the ethernet port of the pi was damaged so I ordered a replacement pi, installed the shake board and sd card and the system fired up nicely… except that I had one problem. The last 4 digits of the mac address of the pi was the same as one already being used on the network B2:BC. So I ended up with a station with the same name as another station in the network RB2BC.

Is there any way of me reassigning the old R4E13 to this device or even getting a new mac address? I tried changing the mac address with macchanger, changing and preventing the writing of files in the opt/system/sys folder and even reinstall the image file on the sd card but nothing seems to work.

Any suggestion?


this actually isn’t a problem. on the server, when your unit connects, it will detect that another unit has already been assigned that name and, server-side, rename this station using ‘S’ as its first character. (and then ‘T’ when a third one with the same last 4 characters connects, and so on.)

you can see your station on the station view here, but it stopped transmitting data on 21-march at 23:40:45 UTC so isn’t currently showing any streaming data.

a future release will allow you to modify your station name locally, while retaining the same naming convention and collision avoidance rules applied on the server.



Hi Richard,
Thank you for the information. I turned off the device as I did not want to create any issues. Did not realize the it was being renamed with an S. I will give it a test then to ensure that all is well.

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