Download the data in rs.local into a csv?

Hello , I have used the rasberry shake online in the pass but this time due to work and learning experience , I’m using the Shake offline. I would like to be able to mess around with the logs and create a CSV that has all the information that appears on rs.local , and be able to get this info later,is this possible?


Hello NicacioY, and welcome to the community!

Yes, I think you could create something that continuously reads/downloads the Shake log files in the /opt/log folder (as I’m sure you have seen, they are all stored there) and then builds (or fills in) a .csv file.

Not everything that is on rs.local/ appears in the logs, but much if it does, so it should be enough for what you have in mind.

You could do that with Python, or via bash, create a program, and then set it to execute at intervals via crontab.

If you want, when you’re done, share your results with the community! I’m sure that readers would be interested in something like this.