Download RESP or StationXML directly from Instrument (offline mode)


I was wondering if anybody knows how to get the RESP file from a Raspberry Shake (RS3D in this case) when it is not on the network.

I have had success using the online documentation here to get a RESP file or StationXML using ObsPy with a Raspberry Shake on the network, and I have been able to connect directly to my raspberry shake using the technique shown here. I can get data off of my shake (offline) using SWARM, and I can export that to the mseed format, which is what I prefer to use. I primarily want the RESP file/Station XML to be able to have an ObsPy inventory object. Is this possible? I am still learning all the seismic formats, so if I am missing something obvious, please let me know!

Hello rbalik, welcome to our community!

You are very close! In this same page (Metadata - Instrument Response Files — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake), that you have already consulted, it is possible to find what you need a bit below the online network option.

If you go to Metadata - Instrument Response Files — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake you will see a list of links, with many metadata templates ready-to-use for different Shake models/versions. It is possible to check this by reading the label close to the leveling bubble, or the annotation on the blue Shake board. I’ve highlighted them for you in this sample RS3D image:

Once you know this, you can download the appropriate metadata file, adjust the necessary information as shown in the section below:

- Using your favorite text editor, replace all instances of ‘STNNM’ with the name of the station the metadata files will be used for.
- The ‘<start>’ field must also be replaced with the date on which the unit first started collecting data, replace all instances of YYYY-MM-DD accordingly.

and you will have a metadata file that you can readily use even if the Shake is not connected to any network, and is in off-line mode.

@Stormchaser Thank you for your response (and for the welcome!).

I will work on this solution (this seems especially fitted to the SeisComp files…I have a RS3D and it looks like the SeisComp file type might work, so I will see if that works for now…I had intended to use the RESP files, but it looks like that might not be formatted with the same replaceable text?)

This again may be due to my ignorance, but I am a little confused, since many of the fields in those files would be wrong if I just replace the two lines mentioned in your post and on that page (e.g., Latitude, Longitude are all different, and it looks like the RESP file is only for one channel, so I would have to change that too?)

Also, it sounds like this means that all Raspberry shakes of the same generation/model have the same normalization/gain parameters?

Thanks again for your help!

You’re very welcome rbalik!

If you have the RESP files that you can download from our online services, feel free to use them, as they should work without issues. Otherwise, we make available the offline files just for cases like this one, when online access is not available.

We have multi-channel metadata files for the RS3D in SeisComP format, if you want to use this type, here or in dataless SEED format here

You will not have to change anything in the second one, as it is in ‘pure’ format, and only the station name/start time in all instances in the first. The software will only take the data to calculate the response from this file, so latitude and longitude will not be affected, and you will retain what you have set up before this file is even elaborated.

And for the last question, that is correct, all Shakes of a certain model/version have the same response parameters.

You’re very welcome!

Thank you, thank you! I will post here any issues or solutions I come up with with respect to this matter, but thank you so much for your help!


You’re very welcome rbalik, no problem at all!

And yes, if there is anything else, feel free to write here on the forum.