Download mseed-data and standalone logging


hi there

i am a soundartist from switzerland and i am trying to record the natural vibrations of a mountain (right next to where i live) to eventually sonify the data and turn it into sound to work with.

i have a rs1 at hand and plan to set it up in a cabin on the mountain. i have solar power there but no wifi or network access.

i just managed to setup my rs1 (at home) and access it through its ip-address.

follow up questions:

  • how do i download the mseed or seed-data to use for my sonification?
  • does my rs1 acually log on the sd-card or where is the data getting saved?
  • if on the sd-card, then: how long will i be able to log data on my 8gb sd when used as a standalone logger?
  • does the rs1 just start logging as soon as i plug it in?
  • would you recommend another way to set up the standalone logging then let it write on the microsd?

thank you very much for your help/advice

best - claudio



The data are stored in daily files on the RS, but only a week, so you need to download them from the SD card before they get erased. The number of files can be increased, but you might need to get a larger SD card.

For accessing the data from the SD card, if you are running Windows, you should get a hold of WinSCP.
This program will allow you to retrieve the files from the RS and write them onto the PC’s hard drive.
With WinSCP, you can make the retrieval process automatic so that it occurs daily just after 00:00 UTC when the old file is finished and new file starts.

Hope this helps.


Hi TideMan

I am running OS. Do you know how I can get a hold of the data with a Mac?

Thank you very much for your reply and help.



Hello again Claudio:

See: You can use WinSCP as suggested by TideMan and/ or configure the unit to save >>> 7 days to disk by changing the settings on the web config.

Yes, to the microSD card at /opt/data/archive.

For that, see the technical specification documents here (look for the parameter entitled “Storage Device”).





and do you know when, on which day, the files will be erased from the sd? just weekly from the moment on that I turn it on?


7 days from the moment you turn it on.


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thanks branden!
looking forward to checking this all out.

best - claudio


hi there again.

I m still struggling with getting this solved:

Where do I find the mseed-files out of the recorder and how do I get them on my desktop?
can I access them somehow if I put the sd-card into a card reader? if so, how? I only see a lot of log-files but nothing like /opt/data/archive

My plan is to let the rs1 record on the mountain (without the network) and then take it down after a week or so to download the mseed-data to my Mac-Desktop.

I m running on mac. I have “cyberduck” at hand as a client, but if I download/synchronise the data from the RS, the destination folder remains empty.




That would be done using the “scp” command on MAC.

scp -r myshake@rs.local:/opt/data/archive/ .

This would not happen soon, but if these files could be downloaded from the Shake’s web front end, would that be a good, easy solution for you?



got it. thanks alot branden. a download option from the shake’s web front end would be great, but for the moment I am totally find with that.

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Just so you know @claudiolandolt, you can also change the number of days saved by going to http://rs.local/config, clicking on “DATA”, and then changing the value of the “Waveform Data Saving” field seen below. Be careful though, if the disk fills all the way up it will cause the system to behave erratically.

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thanks @iannesbitt
so just to make sure I interpret this right. following the tech-specs regarding “storage device” of an RS1 (bellow) with an 8gb SD I would be safe if I set the “Waveform Data Saving” to 300 days, right? (I don’t know which Version I have but I guess it s an older model.)

Storage Device 8 Gb or + micro SD card
Est. # days of disk space :
OS/ software: ~3 Gb
Remaining space for data: ~5 Gb
V5/ V4 (50 sps):

days (7.5 Mb/ day/ channel [x1]):

~660, more if you use a bigger SD
V6+ (100 sps):

days (15 Mb/ day/ channel): ~320,

more if you use a bigger SD

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@branden I m still considering to buy the RS Shake & Boom.

How is the infrasound being logged? I mean: Do I get one mseed-file with both in the end (just like with the RS1), containing the seismo-data from the geophone and the infrasound from the sensor, or how do these two logging methods get translated into data?

thanks again. love this forum.

  • claudio


You get one miniSEED file per channel (read: one miniSEED file per instrument type). For more details see:

You are most welcome. So do we!


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