Doubt about the application of which rasberry shake I will use for H / V nakamura

Hello friends, I want to do my thesis using this equipment by the H/V or nakamura method but I am not sure which one to buy, I cannot afford to buy many, so I want to know if anyone has experience in it

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Hello ticonartq, and welcome to our community!

It’s always great to see students working with our instruments, especially for their thesis!

Regarding your research, our triaxial geophone-equipped RS3D model (RS3D | Vertical & Lateral Motion Seismograph) is the one that would suit you best.

If you require more info on this, or have any other questions, I remain available.
Keep us posted on your progress!


Stormchaser is correct in answering that you must use an RS3D to do Nakamura, the RS4D has no sensitivity to do it.
You have to be careful if the soil has a frequency less than 0.7 Hz (1.42 Sec)


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