DIY 4D first setup issue

Trying to do initial setup of of a 4D with a Pi 3 model B+. Took a while to find on gitlab, but I got it and copied it to a 16Gb FAT32 sd card, unzipped it and deleted the zip file. It created a directory called rapidshake-release.

Mounted the 4D board onto the PI and inserted the card.
When I power up the Pi, I get a red light (no green) and a blue on the 4D. No sign of action on the HDMI. Waited 20+ min with no sign of change.

Tried a 2nd time. Not even a flicker of green light on the PI
The pi boots fine using the SD card that came with it.

Thoughts, suggestions of things to try, pointers to docs?

Does the pi somehow know to look in this random named directory? Or should the contents of
rapidshake-release be sitting at the root level of the SD card? (I have a feeling now that might be it…) If so, it should make that more clear in the docs.

Thanks, Steve

D’oh! Yeah that was it. All the files within the rapidshake-release directory needed to be in the root level of the SD card. I got green LED action, the Pi booted and now seems to be setting things up.

The instructions say " 3. Unzip, extracting the contents to the micro-SD card" That might not be quite explicit enough for someone like me, working on a mac and unfamiliar with how raspi stuff “usually works”.


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Glad you have it working. Thanks for the feedback, we will take a look at the clarity of the instructions with regards to putting stuff on the root of the drive.

Thanks. One other minor hardware issue: the CPU heat sink that came with my raspi 3 B+ was definitely too tall to avoid contact with the 4D board. Luckily, I checked the clearance before I installed the heat sink on the CPU and will cut it down.

Getting the unit up and on the network was pretty easy once I figured out the CF card issue.
Thanks again