Disabling all but EHZ on RS4D

I’m working on an urban seismic noise project here in Dallas. I purchased the RS4D and installed with a GPRS Modem. The only useful channel for data is the EHZ channel. To save data charges is it possibly to only upload shared data for the EHZ channel only?

I plan on still recording the strong motion data but really would like to save bandwidth.


i understand your problem and the desired solution, but there is no way to enable a single channel for server upload, while retaining all channels to be recorded locally on the computer.

it is possible, however, to turn off the accelerometer channels completely, if that would be of interest to you, though this would require a by-hand modification of a configuration file if that’s not problematic.



over the last 2 days wrote a python script that runs in the background of the shake that forwards UDP of only the EHZ channel. Data usage has GREATLY been reduced and looking at ways to transmit binary

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