Direction of Earthquake & Location of Device - RS4D

In RS4D, how can we identify the direction of earthquake? and what are the differences between EHE, EHN, EHZ and SHZ in data acquired?

In setting up the device’s location, does the elevation of device have an overall effect on the result of data?

Thank you.

Hello rbs, welcome to the community!

We follow the standard channel naming that is described here:
IRIS: SEED Channel Naming and here IRIS: SEED Channel Naming

In your case:

  • SHZ = vertical acquisition channel, 50 sps (samples per second)
  • EHE = east-west acquisition channel, 100 sps
  • EHN = north-easth acquisition channel, 100 sps
  • EHZ = vertical acquisition channel, 100 sps

With location, do you mean the floor of the building the device is on, or the geographical location?

If the first is true, then we recommend (if possible) to put the Shake on the lowest floor of the building, away from any vibrating machinery. If you meant the second instead, the elevation is important for the location algorithm to work properly, but is already taken into account with the latitude and longitude data that have been input.