Difference between indoor and outdoor

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I set indoor (bought in 2017) and outdoor (bought in 2018) RS at the same place in a volcanic context, just on the the rim of the crater (a lot of seismic event occur). Outdoor RS were packaged in an watertight box, fixed in it to be joined together.
I observe a significant difference of the Signal to Noise ratio between outdoor and indoor RS. In the attached figures, you can see RSoutdoor data (R97D8 and RB6BB) and RS indoor data (R1923 R0627 RF9DE and R53B7). The S/N ratio difference is due to the packaging or the age of the device ?


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This is a very interesting comparison Hugo.

Do you have pictures of all these Shakes’ installations? Having a visual on your setup could provide more insight on the why you are seeing these differences.

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Thank you for the pictures Hugo! Very interesting location for sure!

A question, were all the instruments tested in a controlled environment to check if what you’re seeing was present before being installed in the field, or if it is indeed, as you described, a field-related phenomenon?

It is possible that the noise could be due to the sensors not being leveled (I cannot see the leveling bubble), or, in the case of the box with the indoor Shake models, the modem (is it a modem?) that is in the same box as one of the sensors.

How did the devices that were directly buried under the ground perform? This would be very interesting feedback for this particular use case.

Also, is it a reflection or is there a glass capillary in the tube connected to the outside of the RS&BOOM?

Thank you for the further information.

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Indeed, I tested all the device in the same environment before but it was in town, so in a very noisy environnment next to roadwork. I really don’t think that it is a field related phenomenom because all device were very close.

The levelling was not very good, it could be due to this indeed.

There isn’t modem with the RS indoor. The black box is the battery.

RS outdoor performed very well ! We see signal that we are sure there are due to the volcanic activity. RS indoor perform are not so good.

Thank’s for the rapid answer.

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Fantastic feedback, Hugo; thank you so much! It’s great to hear that the Outdoor RS performed great and helped you with your data collection.

There isn’t modem with the RS indoor. The black box is the battery.

Thank you for this clarification.

Thank’s for the rapid answer.

You’re very welcome!


Please note that the RS is IP67, not IP68, meaning that it is not meant for direct burial.

But I am glad it is working out for you (for now :wink:

Yours, Branden

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You mean that RS don’t have to be bureid ? Even seismometer ? You are speaking about indoor or outdoor ? Or both ?

Thank’s for the precisions



Good morning :slight_smile:

I mean that the RS Outdoor is not rated to be buried.