Difference between EHZ and SHZ Raspberry Shakes

I just set up my raspberry shake model a couple days ago. It is a seismograph, and one of the older versions so its Component Code is SHZ.

I noticed the readings of my shake, and all the other SHZ ones were getting a much wider range of values with both negative and positive values in meters/second. But when I looked at the EHZ raspberry shakes I saw they had a much smaller range and they were completely positive values.

I was wondering how that was possible since the ground vibrations should not change based on what model shake you use.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Arushi, welcome to our community!

Yes, our older Shake models had the code SHZ, before we moved onto the EHZ ones.

Could you provide some screenshot examples of the discrepancy you are highlighting? So that we can take a more focused look at this.

Thank you.