Delivery and Powerline adapters

Hello Shakers.

While I wait for my Raspberry Shake to go from Processing to Delivered (purchased on the 19th of October. How long does this usually take to go from Processing to delivery?

In the past I built a TC-1 Slinky Seismometer but was having issues with it working with a Powerline adapter, too much noise. Does the RS have any issues working with a powerline adapter at all? I am thinking of using PoE, seems the safest route to use.

Anyway thought I would pop my head in and say a big hello to you all also.


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Hello Andrew,

The process between Processing and Delivery is usually relatively fast. I think that, in this case, it just so happened that the weekend was in the middle of these two steps, so you should see it being sent quite soon.

Otherwise, there is always our main contact address sales [at] raspberryshake [dot] org where you can ask any question/details you have in mind.

Many of our users power up their Shake with PoE adapters, so there should be no issue if you want to pursue that avenue. One of them recommended something similar to this, which he uses for his instrument:

And a big hello to you too! It’s always great to have new voices in the community!

I think Andrew was talking about the adapters to connect ethernet via the power cabling.

If I am right, there is a lot to answer there.
The bandwidth requirements of my Shake-Boom are pretty low. I have it connected via a radio link:

It’s transmitting ~80kbps and receiving ~30kbps.
It will need higher bandwidth for software updates, and if you want to pull data directly from it etc.
But still, a pretty light network load.

Now, powerline adapters either work reasonably well, or they are somewhere on the line from not at all to very poorly. They work best when both ends are on the same circuit (controlled by the same fuse/breaker). Connecting between circuits often becomes quite problematic, but sometimes will work reasonably well, but with reduced bandwidth.

Noise, caused by a million and one possible different things, The most obvious symptom is lots of TCP packet re-trys, which you can see if you have something like Wireshark to monitor the connection. Sometimes that will be tolerable, sometimes not. A lot depends upon the equipment at each end of the connection.

You might be better off with a radio link as I use. I use a pair of these:

Although depending on distance and your WiFi system you might be able to get away with one.
There is a 5GHz model available, which has higher bandwidth, but given that you don’t need that, and that 2.4GHz is much better at penetrating walls etc, in general, for this sort of use I would choose the 2.4GHz version.


Thanks for the kind welcome. @Stormchaser <–another hobby I like to do in my spare time.

I think it has been sent now, from China I guess? I think I was under the impression it was coming from somewhere else. Either way, all good. Now I find that RS have a Halloween special going, go figure… A few days after I bought mine with the 5% code. Anyway, looking forward to setting it up. Will most likely be in a shed for a little while until I get time to make a vault for it. Also thanks for the info on the PoE injector, this was the way I was thinking of going. I am guessing a RPi 3b+ would be ample to run the RS1D?


Hi Philip, Yes I was talking about the Powerline adapters. It used to really make life difficult when I was running my TC-1 Slinky Seismometer, I would be picking up so much noise. I had it about 30m from my Observatory and it would be recording the image downloading from my Telescope, so I was able to tell how many frames were taken, just by the number of blips on the screen. This was due to the packets being sent over the power to the router which sent it on its way to dropbox, where I would collect the images. If I was saving to the local drive, then the noise wasn’t there. I couldn’t do it this way because I was remotely operating the setup from 120km away. Of course, opening and closing the observatory roof would make a bit of an impression too. This is why I asked about the interference.

Thanks for your info too, much appreciated. I do have a Wifi extender up and running now, but I will have to see if it can penetrate my vault once it is completed and have the RS in a permanent location. Until then I will be running PoE to the Rpi that way its a bit more of a solid setup.


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It’s always a pleasure Andrew.

And yes, the 3B+ will be more than enough to run your 1D; I have all my Shakes on that board, and all run without issues.

When you complete your vault, if you want, share pictures of it with us, as we are always interested in the projects our Shakers come up with!

And, if you need anything else tech support-side, just let us know here on the forum.

Andrew, the device(s) that I mentioned is not a wifi extender, it is intended as a point to point link.
It will work up to around 20 miles with a clear line of sight. Since it is directional, it makes much better use of the available power, and filters out a lot of noise.

If your extender doesn’t work, you might want to give a pair of these a try.


Thanks Philip, I will check them out too.

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