Deleting .gif and miniSEED files from RS1D

I can access the .gif and miniSEED files using FTP. I see that the miniSEED files fall off as their time expires, but the .gif files do not. Can I just delete them via FTP or PuTTY?


yes, deleting them is not a problem. looking into this, it seems there is a bug with the routine that is intended to do this automatically. this will be fixed in the next release, meaning that you will not need to take care of this yourself in the near future.

apologies for the inconvenience,


How do I get and install updates for the RS1D? How often are updates released?

Thanks for the help!


hi jeff,

please see here under the first section Software, the update mechanism is fully explained there.

but the main thrust of it is this: you do not need to do anything except have your unit connected to the internet to receive all updates.


I like that kind of update procedure!

How do I find out what version update I have and when it was installed? Is there any way to know when the next update is? Finally, what is the most recent released update version?

Thanks, Jeff

hi jeff,

you can always see what version your unit is running on the Home page of front-end configuration interface, top section:

current version is, in fact, 0.15.

an announcement is made here on the portal when a new version is released and via email.

next update, v0.16, will be happening within the next month or so.