DataView's Official Release! πŸŽ‰

Hi Shakers,

Today our browser-based advanced data visualization tool, DataView, is being officially released and is now live featuring an updated and optimized user interface.

Read all about it in our latest blog post :arrow_right: HERE

*Note: If your browser is still showing the beta version of the app please do a hard refresh of the page in your browser as detailed in this image:

Happy Shaking!



Since the update, I do not see any waves displayed.

I have tried with Brave and Chrome.

Both the waterfall display and the latests 24 hours do open but without any data.

might be VPN related. I am connecting from Belgium using a mac right now. Using a linux box from California is running fine.

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Hello benoitschillings,

Have you tried by clearing all the localstorage and cache of your browsers to see if this has any effect on the visualization? Also, does tyring to access the new DataView in incognito mode present any difference? Could you also try Firefox and see if that shows data flowing?

It could be related to VPN, but I am using one as well and this issue has not appeared, so I wasn’t able to replicate your issue. Your feedback will be important for us to identify anything we could have to addres. Thank you.

I’m having a similar problem with Chrome. No data appears and most of the time I don’t even get the station list on the left. Seems to work fine with Edge and Firefox.

Also with Chrome I’m not seeing the realtime data in the Station View site. That also works fine in Edge and Firefox.

And if I go to Incognito mode in Chrome, everything works!

Thanks to all the people that made dataview possible for all of us to use.
I think it is fantastic and I use it a lot ! I use Firefox mainly.

Keep up the great work ,just keeps getting better and better.

I wish every member here a very Happy New Year. May it be a safe better year for everyone…