Dataview not working when Dark Mode enabled

This has been an issue for a while now. When I try to load up dataview in any modern / updated browser on windows 10 nothing shows up and the web console throws this error:

From main-es2015.js
TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting ‘color’)

After messing with it for a while, it has something to do with enabling “Dark Mode” in the settings, which I greatly prefer to have enabled. When I enable it, the web console throws that error and no streams show up.


I have the same problem but on my Mac machines. I do not get an error, but if I load the live stream in data view with dark mode, no waveform or spectral data loads. If I switch to light mode and then refresh the browser page, regardless of browser or system light/dark settings, the data stream returns. Normally, I would not care, but when I try to embed the live streams on to my website, they default to dark mode and no data is displayed.

The error isn’t printed on the screen, it’s seen under the development tools for the browser. There is a bug causing this when in dark mode for sure. Sounds like it’s OS and browser independent.

hi david,

thanks for the report, i will have this prioritized to get looked at. i can confirm, however, that dark mode did initially pass testing when it was implemented.

quickly testing this on Windows 10, for both firefox and chrome, dark mode is working fine for me.

just to be certain: please try CTRL-F5 with dataview page loaded, or try in a private window to confirm it is repeatable from clean starting point.

i will report back when i have any new information.



Just to be clear, this is a tricky bug to replicate.

You have to enable dark mode, then either refresh or close the browser tab, then it fails to load on refresh or a new tab.

Same to get it working again. You have to disable it, then refresh or close the tab.

I have cleared all caches, tried different browsers and operating systems. It seems to exist in all of them.