Data with a lot of spikes


recently our data started to show a lot of noise, we activated the wifi for the last 60 days, and this is the couse of it, so for the last couple of days I have desabled it but the noise is still there, high spikes randomly occurring as you can see in the next image:

what can we do to lower the noise levels?

I’m uploading the log files and the measures of the last day!!!

Pablo B. Pizutti

AM.R6C56.00.EHE.D.2020.261 (7.1 MB) AM.R6C56.00.EHN.D.2020.261 (7.3 MB) AM.R6C56.00.EHZ.D.2020.261 (7.0 MB) RSH.R6C56.2020-09-18T01_41_59.logs.tar (3.4 MB)


the spikes you are seeing are an artifact resulting from data being misread off the serial port. something has happened recently that is causing the data being transferred between the Shake board and the Pi computer to become corrupted every so often, resulting in the spikes you are seeing. that is, these spikes are not real.

confirm that the connections between the two components are well coupled and that the cable connecting them is not damaged in any way. when that doesn’t correct the problem, try swapping out the Pi (when possible) to see if that has any ameliorative effect.

hope this helps, please let us know your findings,

Hi Richard!!

We actually have another RS3D here, and I’m going there this week to replace the device with the spikes, but last night i have turned it on at my house (a lot more activity in the city), and I’m able to see some spikes too, and I’m afraid to replace for one with the same problem, haw can I see this problem in the log files??? follow the data.


AM.RA30D.00.EHN.D.2020.266 (9.6 MB) AM.RA30D.00.EHZ.D.2020.266 (9.7 MB) RSH.RA30D.2020-09-22T12_51_48.logs.tar (1.6 MB) AM.RA30D.00.EHE.D.2020.266 (8.6 MB)


you can see the evidence of corrupted data off the serial port in the log file /opt/log/odf_SL_plugin.err. for the other instrument, RA30D, the single spike is real, like the instrument got kicked, this spike is for a different reason than the other unit.

please continue with your testing and let us know the result.


Hello Again!!

So yesterday I have replaced the RS 3D for another one, and it seems that the same problem is affecting the new device, a lot less, but it seems that it really is happenening, this is the data for today:

The other RS 3D started with a few spikes like this, and the frequency started to increase with time, can it be noise from the grid or something like that? follow the data files and log.

Pablo B. Pizutti

RSH.RA30D.2020-09-26T00_58_44.logs.tar (1.8 MB) AM.RA30D.00.EHE.D.2020.269 (4.5 MB) AM.RA30D.00.EHN.D.2020.269 (4.9 MB) AM.RA30D.00.EHZ.D.2020.269 (4.1 MB)

hi pablo,

these spikes are, like the first example, caused when data is missed when read off the serial port. there was a recent update to the Shake-OS to handle this which is contained in the release available for download.

if possible, please download this latest release, re-burn the SD card and restart. let it run for a while and confirm the spikes are gone.

cheers, hope this helps,


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Hi Richard,

That is a problem, it is a 6 hour travel to the station, oh, just as observation, i have installed here at my house the station with problem, and for the past day, the problem did not happened again, so it probably is related with the something with the location, but I can’t figure it out what could be, I’m gonna re-burn the SD card from the station that I have here, and for the next month I will probably be going there to replace it, but not right now.

Pablo B. Pizutti