Data storage

Hi Shakers,

My question concerns the management of data storage on the RS. I use my RS in OFF LINE mode and I notice that data files are being automatically deleted. However, there is still space left on the memory card. How does the RS manage the automatic deletion of data?



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Hello Hugo,

Our Raspberry Shakes are configured by default to keep the last 7 days of data into the pre-programmed microSD card. Once this amount of time is reached, data is replaced by the latest that the Shake is recording.

However, you can adjust this limit from rs.local/ by clicking on the Settings icon (gear high on the left), and then on the Data tab. You can then change the value (in days) in this section

and, once done, click Save and Restart at the bottom of the page.

Based on your Shake model and microSD card capacity, you can use this FAQ to calculate the max number of days that can be safely stored (without bringing the card to full capacity) on your instrument.