Data retention on Shake

I’m running a Shake headless and using JAmaseis to monitor it. I’ve noticed that JAmaseis has a ‘Data’ settings so that you won’t save data past a certain time if you don’t want it. In my case I’ve set it to not retain data older than three days. This had me wondering how much data is retained on the Shake itself and if there’s an option to limit it.

Hi Ray,

By default, the Shake retains data for 7 days, and yes there is an option to limit/expand this value.
The setting you’re looking for is called Waveform Data Saving, and it’s under SETTINGS > DATA:

Be aware that setting this value too high will result in filling the card with data. I think for an RS4D you should be able to set this value to at least 45 and maybe as high as 60 days, higher for other units.