Data producer/consumer/forwarding issue

Dear All,
One of my shake is frequently (ie once a week) loose the data producing/forwarding. I need to connect on it and restart it to solve the issue.
I do not understand why I have this issue.

I have tried to change the ntp config adding french local ntp pool sever as I read in on of the post on the forum but it does not solve my issue.

If you have any tips…


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Hello Mickael, welcome back to the community.

Thank you for contacting us about this issue.

Could you please download and post the logs from your Shake so I can take a more in-depth look? Instructions on how to do so are here: Please read before posting!

Thank you.

Not sure that you receive my previous email.
Here are the log from that shake.
Regards and many thanks for your help.
RSH.RE0E2.2022-10-03T11 36 42.logs.tar (4.0 MB)

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Hello Mickael,

Thank you for the logs. From them, it appears that there are some data transmission problems that could result in the issue that you are experiencing. Here is a sample:

|2022 276 10:59:16>>|No Data has been received from the MCU in 12 read attempts.It appears the MCU is not transmitting data.  This is a fatal condition and should be investigated if this condition persists!|
|2022 276 10:59:16>>|Data has been successfully received, fatal condition resolved.|
|2022 276 10:59:16>>|eTSE„UkÕAúÿOkˆ|
|2022 276 10:59:16>>|]¤EW'7S Ê”AÐE|

As you can see, there are errors mixed with some ‘gibberish’ that cannot be successfully interpreted. My first thought would be to check and see if the power supply is delivering a stable voltage between 5.0 and 5.2V and a current of at least 2.5A at all times, as a decrease in power could lead to data services interruption.

A second check that you can do is to see if all the connections between the sensor, the blue Shake board, and the Pi board are still solid and free from dirt or any other element that could compromise transmission. This is important, in particular, if your Shake is located outside, or in an environment where dust or moisture can affect it.

There are also some hard time synchronization resets

2022 276 09:25:23>>	Time adjustment M0: HARD RESET.  This will result in a one-time time-tear.
2022 276 09:25:23>>	5.0: NTP Time (Init): NTP:	1664789122.932706118
2022 276 09:25:23>>	5.2: NTP Sync (HARD): VEL Before: 1664789118.667999983	After: 1664789122.671999931	Diff: 4.003999949

that can be related to loss of internet connection. If you can, I would also advis having a quick re-burn of the Shake OS on the microSD card, so that we can see if these problems appear again with a clean system. I will leave the burning instructions here for your convenience: