Data gaps and noise

The network data for shake AM.R1D10 was showing periodic gaps and noise spikes. I wanted to check the data on the device but am having trouble with the terminal command to download it. Since then we have found a number of other shakes have the same problem, so the issue may not be local to the device.

The following command gives the errors shown below. Could you advise what the error may be. The password is correct. When I use an intentionally wrong password, I get “Permission denied, please try again”. Is there a different way to get the data off the chip?

MacBook-Pro-2:swarm michael$ scp -r myshake@rs.local:/opt/data/archive/2019/AM/R1D10/EHZ.D/AM* /Shake
myshake@rs.local’s password:
/Shake: Permission denied
/Shake: Permission denied
/Shake: Permission denied
/Shake: Permission denied
/Shake: Permission denied
/Shake: Permission denied
/Shake: Permission denied
/Shake: Permission denied
MacBook-Pro-2:swarm michael$

The following is the data from several other shakes with the same issue

RSH.R1D10.2019-07-28T16_14_19.logs.tar (1.6 MB)

Good evening!

I will let @iannesbitt reply to you about this.

Your station R1D10 has occasional impulsive spikes like these:

These are due to RF - there is a local source that produces a big RF signal at random times. Could be a cell phone receiving an SMS, for example.

By the way, does your Raspberry Shake have a lid on it?

Most of the data gaps in the examples you sent a screen shot of are problems server-side which have since been fixed (look at the data from the last 24 hours). But, this is cool:

The spikes on R167F are from the turning on and then off of a mechanical process (e.g., an air conditioner). This is best seen in spectrogram view (make sure it is configured with NyQuist at 50 Hz):


Brandon, There is no cover on the shake. We can look into covering it with a grounded metal cover to reduce the RF spikes

For the RF you will have to identify the source and move the source or the Shake. A grounded metal cover wont help in this case.

Have fun Shaking!

Yours, branden

Brandon, I think I misunderstood your question on the cover. The shake was purchased assembled in the standard plastic case. It is under the building in a crawl space with a dirt floor and is placed on a 18 x 18 inch concrete paver block. The space is dry but is exposed to ambient temperature and humidity.Is this a sufficient cover?

Good morning Russell.

And I am just noticing your peak-to-peak counts (+/- 40 counts at night). That is incredibly low. Your site is quiet. So the long period wander is probably real.


Hi Russell, I respond to each of the issues you bring up separately in quotes.

This error means that either

  1. there is a folder called /Shake on the root of the computer you’re downloading from, but it is owned by the root user and therefore the user michael cannot modify it, or
  2. there is no folder called /Shake.

To solve 1) if the folder exists in the location / then you need to modify its permissions to be able to write to it as michael. To do so:

sudo chown michael:michael /Shake

If you meant to put that folder in a different location, like the current directory swarm, then you need to modify the command to be able to tell the computer specifically where that folder is.

If you meant the command you made to point to the current directory (swarm) then it is missing a period before the forward slash. So modifying it to the following should work in this case:

scp -r myshake@rs.local:/opt/data/archive/2019/AM/R1D10/EHZ.D/AM* ./Shake

You can use the ls command to show what folders are in the current directory.

@ivor told me today that these were caused by a bug in the server that has been fixed as of last Thursday. Your local data is unlikely to have them, as we isolated the issue specifically to the server’s ingestion of data. If you notice any of these that occur after five days ago (the 26th of July) please let us know.