Data from my RS3D Used in 2023 Seismological Society of America Presentation

Title says it all but I live near Columbia, SC, USA and over the course of the last year or so have had a rash of earthquakes which were totally unexpected.
I had been going back and forth about buying an RS3D as even though I met the criteria to get the discounted price it was still a big outlay because historically the region does not have earthquakes.

I was at home when the first quake hit and it rattled my apartment and its contents pretty well. That was all the motivation I needed to purchase my device

Subsequent to that I was contacted by a university professor seeking permission to use my data in general.

Several months later the prof reached out again to ask it I was okay with him using my data in a presentation for the 2023 Seismological Society of America which I gladly gave. Had he wanted to do a presentation for a local high school I would have given the same “Yes, absolutely you can use” but it was a nice feeling to have bought what was a device I anticipated mostly picking up trains on a nearby railroad and end up with my data in front of a group of scientists.


That’s amazing yellowfin!

Thank you for sharing this with us in the community; it’s always great to hear that data collected by enthusiast users with our Shakes have been noticed by the broader scientific community!

And I’ll add, even train monitoring can be of interest in the end (I do traffic for my local road, which can be fun).

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