Data availability after initial setup

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I am opening a new thread since the other was an old one, so we can discuss it freely here.

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How long does it take for the data to be available on the server after initial setup and turning on Data forwarding?




It is usually fast, 24h max (but in most cases is minutes), however, we have been migrating servers and the update of the inventory information was not properly transferred. We will be implementing the change as soon as we have the instruction from our sister company.

We hope to have the situation rectified within the next 24 hours. Once the situation is resolved, we will write back with an update.

Thank you! I will monitor it then.

It took roughly 12h for the station to appear on the StationView. I just haven’t been able to download the data using the FDSN services.

FYI: @ARutson

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sorry for the delays, we know you’d like to get to analyzing your data as soon as possible! we’re working on a connection issue at the moment regarding meta-data and will solve this asap.

i’ll let you know when it’s fixed.


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your meta-data is there now. there was indeed a not-obvious bug server-side that has now been fixed.

apologies for the delay, have fun with your data,