Data archived with wrong station code

RSH.R0000.2019-11-04T17_16_25.logs.tar (1.8 MB)

RS1D station R0000 has just returned from temporary deployment in iceland (with a school trip) . It was configured to connect to the internet via a 3G modem but only appeared to connect on one stop out of three 31 oct (not 30 or 1 nov) . however when I looked at the data archived on the device (which seems to have moved location to a .tar file ??) it seems to have recoded data on 1 novc with a different station code (RB7E1) I am a bit confused.

I have attached downloaded log files from this dvice

any suggestions

cheers paul denton

Hi Paul,

Very strange. Richard is looking into how this can happen. Apologies for the inconvenience.