Custom NTP Server

I have some questions about NTP timing in the Raspberry Shakes.

In the documentation I found this:

If you need excellent relative timing for active seismic studies, for example, then you can improve the relative timing precision by setting up a Raspberry Shake as the daemon NTP server and slaving all other Raspberry Shakes to it.

Does it have to be a Raspberry Shake or can it be a Raspberry with a GPS, since, from my understanding, all the other Raspberry Shakes will see it as an NTP server?
What is the benefit of such a solution? Will I have better accuracy than using the same NTP server for all my Raspberry Shakes?


Hello jimalex, welcome to the community!

The computer that would run the local NTP server can be any computer whatsoever, not necessarily a shake, and not necessarily a Pi even. The Raspberry Pi reference given in the documentation is only an example.

The basic idea behind this is that you have a local computer that has two things:

  1. a connected GPS device that governs the HW clock on this computer
  2. running an NTP server (not the client daemon) to which a Shake Pi will connect to use as its NTP server

In this way, you will have a single NTP server that will regulate the timing of all the devices connected to it, instead of having multiple NTP connections for each device. This will give you an improved level of accuracy, ensuring that all your devices are in synchro with each other, and all their data can be promptly used together without the need to check for the aforementioned syncronization.