Cron sending email to myshake

Just noticed that there is a daily report email being sent to “myshake”.
I doubt that people regularly ssh into their shake, and even if they do, an even smaller proportion are going to think to check email.

These emails will simply accumulate and slowly fill the SD card (yes, it will take a while …)

Looks like it is the output from /usr/local/bin/myShake

Maybe due to?:

/usr/local/bin/mem-usage: line 11: /opt/log/mem-usage.out: Permission denied

/usr/local/bin/myShake: line 141: /opt/log/myshake.out: Permission denied

Hello Philip,

Thank you for your report about this. I have passed all the info to our software team, and they have replied back.

We will look to having any crontab output be periodically “cleaned” to avoid filling the disk of the Shake. This will be included in one of the planned future updates, albeit we cannot provide a definite time estimation now.

Thank you again!