Creating a Kiosk to display our RS&B data

Hello Raspberry Shake Community!

I work at a K-12 school that received a Raspberry Shake and Boom device as a part of a network of devices across Georgia sponsored by Georgia Tech Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. I’ve got the device online and sending data. What I would like to do now is create a display in the hallway that shows displays the data.

I realize there is a cool streaming data display at Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to see my data there I don’t own our device, so my login isn’t associated with the device in our building. Also, we don’t get many earthquakes here in Atlanta… mostly what we see is noise and the tramping of student feet when they go too and from the cafeteria!

So, my approach has been to setup a chromium browser on a Raspberry Pi 4 that rotates between a list of URLs:

  1. An overview page that I created to explain the display
  2. Station view of our shake showing streaming EHZ and HDF graphs
  3. Data view of a days’ worth of EHZ data (which is cool mostly because you can see the foot traffic.)
  4. Station view zoomed out to see the world
    such as:

Here are my questions:

  1. First of all, am I missing an easier approach? Like maybe some way to make the shakenet site work for my use case?
  2. What I’d really to do with the last URL is show the zoomed out view that focuses more on the events and hides the stations. The hexagonal icons cover up all the event data. I can kind of do this in the UI by selecting a single station type. Is there a URL parameter to control the filters directly from the URL query string without interacting with the UI?
  3. If this is not possible on the Raspberry shake site, I was considering using I also just found this one: [EarthQuakeChannel] (
  4. Are there online resources that you would recommend to help explain earthquake monitoring that I could display in a kiosk?

Here is a video of what our kiosk currently looks like.


Hello ericzundel, and welcome to the community!

Let me tell you, this is an amazing job you have done! Congratulations on this great work!
I’m sure many who want to realize this kind of display could take inspiration from what you set up.

Onto your questions:

  1. I would say that this is the best approach, especially if you want to rotate between different URLs and showcase all the different content that is available, thanks to the data from your Shake.

  2. As of now, there is not a URL parameter (but this is a great idea!) to do so, and it is possible to remove the stations from the map by going to “Settings” and then turning the first slider (“Stations”) to OFF. If you do this on two different tabs, without refreshing them, you will have what you have in mind. However, as soon as one (or both) are refreshed, you will lose this setup: to solve this, you could consider rotating between browser windows in which one has the stations, and the other has the earthquakes.

  3. Alternatively, yes, those are excellent resources.

  4. For this, I would definitely recommend the IRIS Education resources, which can be found here by going to the “Education - Learning and Teaching Resources” menus. There is literally a mine of valuable information for students, particularly the Videos | Animations | Animated GIFs Posters | Fact Sheets pages, which could be easily included in the URL rotation of your kiosk.

Thank you for the tips, I incorporated some of the pages into my kiosk.

If you are reading this and want to make a Raspberry Shake kiosk with Linux and/or Raspberry Pi, here is my github repo and feel free to contact me.


Thank you for sharing all the code you used for the kiosk, Eric!

I am sure that many in the community (me ahead of them) will find it useful to create something similar.