Counts to acceleration data

Hi everyone,

I’ve seen this question in a lot of places on this forum, but I was wondering if I could pull my RS1D acceleration data in (m/s^2) from a mSEED file that I can download? I tried using the files from stationView, but it still shows the data in counts.

I’m not particularly good at programming and looking for a simple way I can learn to do this easily. I have looked into Obspy but am not sure where to start.


Hello TheTacoMuncher, this is a very interesting question!

All our Shakes, as you have surely surmised, output the data in counts. Then, these values can be converted to displacement, velocity or acceleration via the Obspy package that you have already found.

On our manual, here Developer’s corner — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake, there is a code snippet that will allow you to obtain charts with both counts and acceleration data. This could be your starting point.

With a bit of manipulation, you could instead output a numerical series that then could be saved to a .csv or a .txt file for you to read and further analyze.