Could a loose geophone in transit have caused permanent damage to RS3D?

I recently I ordered a RS3D | Turnkey - Outdoor.

When the unit arrived, one of the geophones (east-west oriented) was loose. I was able to open the casing and slide it back into place. However, my subsequent experience leaves me worried that the geophone being loose during transport has permanently damaged the unit.

I connected the unit to my router and plugged it in, as per the instructions. I tried to connect via the browser interface, with no success. I logged into my router interface and it showed no Ethernet connection.

Since the blue and red LEDs were on, I assumed that the problem was with the Ethernet connection. I found a support forum post which described an issue with the RS3D Ethernet cable, and took the steps advised in that post. The router still showed no connection.

I carefully removed the unit from the outdoor casing and tried an alternate Ethernet cable, directly into the RPi. Still no connection. I connected a display with a HDMI cable, but no source was detected by the display, suggesting to me that the RPi was not working correctly.

At this point I wondered if perhaps the SD card had a fault, an issue I’ve had with an RPi previously. I downloaded the latest software and followed the instructions, putting the new SD card in the RPi. I have blue and red LEDs solid on, initially with flashing green, but the green has now stopped. The display still doesn’t detect any source.

So, unfortunately I can now see no explanation other than that the loose geophone rattling against the RPi board has caused some permanent damage.

My question is - what should I do now?

Thanks for the detailed report! We will be engaging with you today directly over email.


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