Correct a coordinate error

Is it possible to remotely correct an error in the coordinates?
Actually, the station AM.AR155B isn’t LON: 1.0909 but LON: -1.0909.

Hello IRAP, welcome to the community!

Yes, it is possible to correct it, but with “remotely” you mean that you don’t have access to the Shake via your local network? Or do you mean something else?

I just want to be sure that I’m understanding your situation in the correct way.

The shake is placed in a private home. We do not have access to the modem router to configure a port forwarding. So we can’t access to the shake.

Hello IRAP,

Thank you for the additional information. However, before we can adjust the longitude parameter on our database, it must be changed on the Shake first.

This because if the coordinates have not been fixed on the Shake itself, then in the case of a reboot, for whatever reason, the bad coordinates will be re-sent again.

Thus, you have to contact the person that is hosting the Shake and ask to correct the longitude with the correct value. After that, we will be able to modify it on our side.

We have changed the coordinates, we can see it on the map but the metadata are not change.