Converting UDP data format to Miniseed

Hi All,

I’m trying to display raspberry shake data in a web application dashboard using seisplotjs. I’ve connected a python API to get data from raspberry shake and push it to the web application. I’m wondering if there is any library that I can use to convert the UDP data format to Miniseed or other plotting friendly standard data formats? I’ve seen rsudp, don’t think it’s got any converter I can consume from my code?


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Hello rangana, welcome to the community!

This is a very interesting application, nice idea!

Our RSUDP is an interpreter of what a UDP data stream provides, which is explained here: Raspberry Shake Data Producer UDP Port Output — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake. But, it also includes a miniSEED format file writer, which appends the UDP datacast stream to a local miniSEED file every 10 seconds.

Possibly, you can use this functionality to obtain the needed file and then feed it to your Python API forward to seisplotjs.

This is the relative section on the RSUDP manual: 3. Modules and Settings — rsudp documentation

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Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:
I’m ok with this approach and I will try this avenue.


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No problem! I hope you will be able to do it!