Continuous spike

There is a continuous spike at round about 35 hertz in all the data. Can you tell me what could be the problem?

Good morning.

What stationID?

Yours, branden

It is being used without the data forwarding feature. So probably you can not see the data online.

OK, this looks like a tone that is inherent to the digitizer. That is to say that it is not cultural/ environmental.

It also does not look like there is a sensor attached.


So what is the solution to this problem?

It is intrinsic to the digitizer. There is no solution. It is very low amplitude. It will be masked by actual cultural/ seismic background noise in most places where the Shake is installed.


Hi Shakeel, are you asking about your station R1983 or a different station?


It’s a different station and it’s not online.

Ok. From the screenshot you posted, I agree with Branden’s assessment that it does not look like there is a geophone instrument attached to the board. Did you assemble the Shake yourself?

Yes, I did assemble both the the boards myself. I will again look for the connections, if there is any problem.


Ok. I would check the soldering on the geophone leads especially, sometimes there’s not enough contact to provide good connection.