Is there a general rule whether it is better to use WLAN with an external dongle or DLAN/Powerlan? I would be grateful for any advice.
I use the Shake in a room next to where the router is. The power line goes through a fuse box.
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Powerline Networking is useful whenever you need a wired connection, such as in the Shake case, and indeed, some of our users have tested it with positive results.

It’s viable nowadays, though the performance can be variable depending on the quality of the wiring and some equipment can cause transmission issues.

I would say that both avenues have their pro and cons. Many users have their Shakes on a WiFi dongle (I have one of mine too) with no issues, while other have said that without repeaters they were not getting the best signal if the Shake was too distant from the modem/router.

If any other user in the community has different or more detailed experiences, please feel free to share!

Thank you Stormchaser.

In terms of signal strength, I have no problems with Powerlan either. However, my question is whether these connections - as in the case of the internal WLAN - have an influence on the quality of the measurement.

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In both cases it is a TC/IP connection. The TCP packet carries the data, the TCP packet is split into smaller components for transmission via IP (Internet Protocol). At both levels there are checksums on the data, if there is any corruption, packets are rejected and a re-transmission requested - until a good packet is received.

What this means in practice is that data is either received, and will be correct, or it won’t be received at all.

No difference in what the physical connection is. A poor connection may require multiple re-tries, which will show as reduced connection speed.

The R-Shake bandwidth/speed requirements are quite low. Any such problems are likely not going to be noticed (it would have to be REALLY bad before it was noticeable).

Simple answer: No. Whichever works for you is going to be fine for this application.