Connection request failed

The Data View give the following message “Connection request failed”.
The live data and 14-Hours display are not visible.


can you provide more details?: e.g., browser, station name, anything else you think might be relevant.

dataview is working normally for me. for example, the following station is currently showing streaming data:

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The station give me this

I use Chrome and I generally see the italian station.

please try a couple of things and check for a different result:

  • CTRL-F5 in the tab showing the problem
  • dataview in a private tab
  • dataview in a different browser


The data view is visible in Microsoft Edge.

thanks for the feedback.

as i suspected, chrome is again having problems with its internal cache management. we have been trying to mitigate this problem server-side for almost a year now, and then the problem pops up somewhere else and it becomes a game of whack-a-mole.

until the chrome maintenance team gets their act together and fixes the problem, we recommend using a browser not named chrome in the meantime if / when problems like this occur.

that said, we will continue trying to identify the location of the mole this time around and whack it again.

hope this helps,

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another mole whacked…

this should be fixed now, please try again on chrome.


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Yes the data view on Chrome is good.