Connecting my local raspberry shake to my local seiscomp server

Dear All,
I have a raspberry shake RS3D and I want to connect it to my local seiscomp server, so that I can save the stream the data on my personal monitor. I am having difficulty doing this, all other seismometers are connecting quite easily, but I am having issues with this one, it is not streaming data in scrttv. Please suggest a solution.

Hello rasp_nav, and welcome to our community!

What are the details about the issue you are encountering, beyond the not streaming data in SeisComP scrttv?

What steps have you taken to configure the Shake in your local SeisComP system? And, as @YacineB has queried in the other thread, what are the bindings you added? Global, seedlink and slarchive?

If necessary, we have a small guide here on our manual: Raspberry Shake Station Naming Convention

Thank you.

I have followed the seiscomp add new station doc. However, I have resolved the issue of scrttv, it is now streaming the data of all 3 component. The issue I am facing now is that scmv shows the station as black and does not show the data when clicked. I have used following global bindings

location code - 00
stream - EH?

P.S. - This is correctly displaying all the streams in scrttv but not on scmv. I want to display all 3 component on the scmv also.

There are two topics of the same thing (I need to pick the brain of someone familiar with SeisComp5 - Technical Support - Raspberry Shake), I’m gonna answer here again:

Unfortunatly, Seiscomp is not compatible with the stream codes β€œ?” and β€œ*”. You can have only one channel at a time. If you set detecStream as β€œEH” for example, your detection channel will be set by default to Vertical (Z). This means that SCMV can only show one component at the same time, so it’s impossible to show 3 of them.

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But scrttv is showing all three channels with EH?