Connecting GPS PPS output directly to GPIO thru Shake board

Hi guys,

I have a u-Blox NEO-6 GPS that I want to connect to my Shake RS1D, sending PPS directly through to a GPIO header pin for accurate timing.

I’ve noticed that the shake board has a set of 5 header pin thru-hole lands at the end that sits over the unused portion of the GPIO header and the hole nearest the centre of the board has a square solder land to identify it. They coincide with the 5 pins on my GPS board, including the square solder land which is the VCC input.

Have these been set up so this GPS unit can plug directly onto these pads?

If so, which GPIO header pin does the PPS land feed through to?

Has the Shake OS image been set up with a utility to directly read the PPS signal from one of the GPIO pins? If not I can install my own.

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Good morning @jason.wood!

Thanks for writing to us.

The 5 header pin thru-hole lands you reference in your message are not intended for attaching a GPS module.

We only support USB GPS modules like the one seen here. For additional information see:

Yours, Branden

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Hey guys,

I figured this one out, it’s not too difficult if you can solder. You’ll need a u-Blox with USB and UART pins on the same board. The bare board GPS bit is plug n play, the PPS is a single wire from the GPS unit to an unused GPIO pin (in this pic its soldered to the shake board GPIO8 but I will move it to one of the open GPIO header pins with a jumper shortly).

The board has battery backed up real time clock which also gives me 1-2 second satellite acquisition time.

PPS timing accuracy is about 1ms I think, give or take, which is a stratum-1 NTP server.

I’m not a linux guru but pretty handy with a soldering gun. External GPS antenna attaches to the gold SMA threaded socket on the left.

Shoot me a message if anyone wants to know how this was done.