Concerning the DO it Yourself part?

i would like to know if the project is open source , cause i want to reproduce the raspihat here in our local makerspace with makers .
Are the electronics schema are available on github or other place ?

Hello gurkan,

Thank you for your interest in our hardware!

Regarding your request, however, except for our RSUDP software, we do not release or share our under-the-hood code or electronic schematics with the outside as they are proprietary to Raspberry Shake.

If you require anything else, I remain available.

thank you for your response , i understand the propietary element behind the brand, but if you don’t share the under the hood code or electronix schema, what does the section do it yourself correspond to ? could you give me precision here about please !

Hello gurkan,

No problem at all, you’re welcome.

Our DIY page is dedicated to users that want to assemble their Shake having bought only the Shake board + sensor combo (Assembly Guide — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake) instead of the entire instrument, or to users that want to experiment with the data coming from the Shake, to create their own informative display (Raspberry Shake Data Dashboard Mashup), build different enclosures ( and more.

This community always surprises us with new applications, so that page has grown (and will grow) a lot.