Complete RS3D station for sale

I am selling my station due to a change in hobby.

The system comprises the following:

  • RS3D sensors supplied as DIY.
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Mains UPS power supply and 12 volt backup battery.
  • GPS antenna. Magnetic base, outside rated with long cable.
  • IP65 Enclosure with IP65 Ethernet socket - See photos.
  • Heartbeat and power LEDs
  • Power ON/OFF button (triggers safe software shutdown - not power kill!)

Best offer secures. Will ship to most places with carriage at cost.

Update: If the size and weight of the system is a problem due to shipping costs then, if it helps, I am prepared to sell only the RS3D sensors and the Rpi PCB. I will include my 3D printed mount.

Hi, could you email me:

Is this unit sold? I’m quite close to the quake activity in Iceland, and would love to be able to capture more data.

Hi I have one RS1D brand new for sale… Marco

Yes, I’m afraid it was sold very quickly.