Comparative Readings?

I am curious to get some comparative readings from other users that have a RBOOM.
I live in between a massive substation and a large hydro dam. I have been curious if they emit infrasound.

This is with Swarm 3.0.1 with default settings on Spectrogram view taken outside on my front deck.



I went an hour out of town towards the mountain where the trees get pretty thick and took a reading. It was pretty quiet aside from an occasional passing car.

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I set up the RBOOM this evening to point in the direction of the 1800 MW hydro dam 1 mile away. This was the reading.

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It would be interesting to see what happens if some day they shut off the generation (or perhaps it trips off line due to some fault somewhere). Not sure how you would find this out. It might work the other way: you observe a sudden change on RB and then you call them up and ask what, if anything, happened.

Any RB folks live near Niagara Falls?


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