Cloud Backup

So I’m installing a RS on a remote location with hard access, the internet is mobile and unstable, so SSH could be difficult, my best bet is to make regular backups to a cloud service, like DropBox or GDrive, is it possible?? if yes, how?


Accessing the Cloud service will, of course, require Internet access to work. If the Internet really is unreliable, it might be best to mount a compact SSD to the RPI and map the /opt/data/archive/ directory to the external drive. By calculation, a 100 GB drive would hold about 30 years of RS1D data or 10 years of RS3D. When you get an Internet connection to work, you could bulk-download the stored files.


The location is really remote, requiring at least 6 hours of travel to get access, and must be done weakly, thi is why the cloud backup would my best option, internet might be unreliable, but the files are small and not a problem to a cloud backup done every time the connection is OK.

I only suggest the external drive in case you run too many days without a successful file transfer - you may lose that data.

The details of how to upload will depend on which file server or cloud service you use. The raspberry shake has curl, ssh, node (and more) installed and these functions can be used to do the uploading.

For example, for dropbox, you can have an idea by looking at


Ok so i could make a python algorithm to upload files to dropbox, but now i found that the Python version on RS is 2.7, not 3, and python 2.7 is being discontinued and lost support, any way to make python 3 algorithms run on RS?

hi pablo,

python 2.7 is not going anywhere, and lost support is nothing more than no more updates will be applied. it will continue to function, as it always has. (and writing a simple python program to transfer files from one computer to another will not require functionality only available in python-v3.)

we will, however, be looking at including python-v3 in the downloadable Shake-OS image in a near-future release.



Hi Ivor,

I actually got frustrated too early, i dicovered that python 3 is available too with python3 command instead of python, it’s just the default that is 2.7, but i’m still getting issues trying to install the dropbox package, currently trying to resolve those, thanks and sorry for the early stress.

Pablo Pizutti

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Hi Pablo,

I know this isn’t the same, and I can’t really tell you how I did it, but with the help of Google, and YouTube I created a save point and offloaded the data to OneNote on my personal Microsoft account. In my case the internet goes offline weekly along with the power to facilitate cleanout of the HW storage vault, which resides in a protected Berg Electrical Enclosure (animals get in, which means it gets messy). So every Tuesday night at 7PM local RS time the system is configured to automatically execute a print to Text batch that uploads to the OneNote server.

I actually didn’t know ANY Python or programming language and found it all on Google, and YouTube, so if I could do it with ZERO programming know-how, it should be easy for you. Drop Box may be better in your case. Weekly upload takes about 14 minutes and file transfer is about 2MB of bandwidth.

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Hey, thanks for the idea,

but now the python program is ready and working, Thanks to Thor, i uploaded it to github, so if anyone need a similar solution its ready, just need a dropbox Token from put it in the code and run it, can be scheduled with crontab, im running it 3 times a day, i hope to get one good connection every 2 or so days, the code compare the local files with the files already uploade, and just upload the differents or non existing, follow the link:

Pablo Pizutti