Close Lightning Detections

We had a very active storm front pass us recently.

I decided to pick out the 4 closest lightning strikes to see what I could learn from their infrasound signals. I learned I have much to learn as far as lightning goes!

I thought these notes might help others to get started watching lightning with their RBooms.


This is very interesting sheeny!

We don’t have many thunderstorms here where I live, but I remember being able to see some thunders from the Shakes located in more prone regions of the world.

And, if the thunder is quite close and ‘rattling’, it can easily be recorded on a normal Shake too, in addition to the Boom.

Oh, yes the close strikes show up on the EHZ channel too.


We had a small burst of lightning strikes a few days ago. It is pretty rare here too.
The signal was very pronounced on the infrasound channel:

A bit less so on the ‘Z’ channel, but still quite noticable: