Changing modules in RSUDP

Hi! Im trying to change modules, as well as creating my own. But the changes i make to the modules, as well as MyModule, dont take effect when i run the client. Has anyone encountered this problem, or knows what im overlooking?

If i want to edit a module do i have to edit the modules in ‘rsudp/rsudp’ path, or the ‘rsudp/build/lib/rsudp’ path?

Hello Matiro,

This is the path of the RSUDP modules in my Anaconda Python environment on Win11:

If your installation is in Linux, the modules should be in a different location. It should be where you have extracted the .tar file with the code inside, I think.

It is better to make a backup before modifying any of those modules so that you can quickly go back if something is not correct in your code development.

I would also advise you to also consider an alternative to achieve what you want. Another option would be NodeRED (we have a starting guide here: Programming: Node-Red ShakeMeter – edu.raspberryshake) which is capable of reading data from our Shakes and then performing certain actions. You can find more on their website, here:

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Thank you very much! I got the custom module working and the relay works! For now ill leave it working with the custom module, but will start to look into Node-Red as it looks like it could be a better way to work with the GPIO pins.


Great work Matiro, congratulations! Happy to help!

Yes, maybe the NodeRED approach will suit you best, and there is definitely more info available online, with many different projects I think.