Changed RPI - new ID not showing up

I changed out the RPI board on my 1D.
It is running with a new name now: R47B3.
I see it locally. But even though it is forwarding data it does not appear on any RShake web displays.
I suspect I may need to associate a different email address with the “new” unit, but I do not remember where to enter that email. Help;


Hello kpjamro,

I can see your Shake online and streaming data without issues on our services: Station View: Raspberry Shake Network & EQ Activity Map

Can you check if you can see it now too? Maybe try via private/incognito window, or after deleting RS websites cookies.

yes I see it there. where I am having a problem is:
ShakeNet Web App: Raspberry Shakes’ Community Portal
where it still shows the old one


the app EQINFO which does not see it and will not let me manually enter it.

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If you want it to appear alongside the previous Shakes you had, you need to set in the configuration page the same email you have registered your ShakeNet account with.

To reach that, you can open your Shake rs.local/ or access the same page via the Shake IP address, then click on the little gear icon high on the left (Settings) and then scroll down the page to just before the map, where you can set the email.

Change the email to the one you had for the other Shakes, then click Save and Restart at the bottom. Give it a bit, and you should now see the Shake alongside the others on your main MyShake page.

Regarding your second query, as we do not support apps that are not our own ShakeNet, you can try to contact gempa GMBH who supervises it, and see what they say.

Just to close this out - yes it was the email. Just needed to find where it was in the menus.
As far as EQINFO - that started working too … it just took a while.


Hello kpjamro,

Thanks for taking the time to update us. Glad to hear that you can now see the updated Shake on the other app too so you’re set again.