Changed board. station renamed


I just swapped and downgraded the board on my RaspiShake, from 4 to 3, and the station name just changed. Was REBEC with rpi4, and it’s now R5D54 with rpi3.
Is it possible to rename already collected datas and let me browse history or should I get back to rpi4 to see REBEC again ?

As I’m speaking of stations. I never found how to aggregate the 2 stations in my possession under my account :slight_smile:
I have the RaspiBoom R884B defined as “My Stations”, but not the RaspiShake.

Thank you


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Hello Alex,

Yes, this is correct. Our Shake names are automatically generated by generally using the last 4 digits of the RaspberryPi computer’s unique hardware address (commonly referred to as the MAC address) and appending them to the letter R. Thus, when the Pi board is changed, the name of the Shake will also change. More info on our naming convention here: Raspberry Shake Station Naming Convention — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

As of now it is not possible to manually rename Shakes, but it is a feature that we are working on and that will be available in future Shake OS releases.

Regarding your last question, this is happening because you have used two different email addresses for the two instruments, the Boom and the Shake. If you update the configuration using one single email address for all your Shakes, they will then appear all listed together under your account.

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ok understood. I will change that.

nice I understand. I tried since to change mac address off the “downgraded board” to what was on ealier rPI4, but It’s not working. To prevent spoofing, I think.

finally it’s up again on REBEC with mac adress change… it feels good :slight_smile:


I’m happy to hear that muedbundy! :slight_smile:

Yes, I think that there are different measures to prevent changing the MAC address of a device, probably for the reason you have stated.

Happy to hear that now your devices are fine. Enjoy Shaking!