Change to new coordinates

I just shifted my device R237D to this coordinate 16.908295, 96.163632. Unfortunately, I can’t access the device. rs.local is not working. I try to find out IP address but currently unavailable. Can you help to relocate my device?
Thanks and regards.

Hello Tint, welcome to our community!

From what I can see, the Shake is displaying the coordinates you have indicated here in this post, so I assume you managed to update them from the rs.local/ interface?

Remember that, on all our services (StationView, ShakeNet, the App), the station will appear “out of place” by a couple hundred meters for privacy purposes, as explained here: Commonly Asked Questions — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

Hi Stormchaser,
I said change of coordinates not accuracy. My new position is thousand kilometres away from the first point where RS.local is not working.
Now, I was able to manage to change coordinates and can see the device on map.

Now, I got this issue. No signal after a few hours run.
Blue and green lights are on always.

Please advise

Hello Tint,

I can see data flowing now from the same DataView page that you have linked, so I assume there was a temporary interruption of internet connectivity. To be sure of this, however, could you please download the logs from the Shake and post them here? If needed, you can find instructions on how to do so on this page: Please read before posting!

Thank you.